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About Interview Plus and our Mission

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At Interview Plus, we think that every job candidate deserves the highest chance of success in their job interview. That's why we built a website that gives job seekers the tools they need to prepare for job interviews.

Our platform is intended to serve various classifications, including software developers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, database administrators, network engineers, and many others. Many of these  questions are from actual users who confirmed that they were asked this during their interviews. We also provide live mock interviews to any profession that are scored using AI technologies.

Our objective is to make job preparation available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. As a result, we offer a variety of membership levels to suit any budget, including a free plan with access to junior-level questions. Our subscription plans feature mid- and senior-level questions with free mock interviews.

We are dedicated to providing our users with the greatest possible user experience. Our platform is simple to use, and our support staff is there to help with any queries or problems that may arise. We also take the security of our users' data seriously, which is why all financial transactions are processed through the secure Stripe payment platform.

Here are some advantages with Interview Plus:

  • Real interview experience:

    Users can practise their interview skills in a realistic environment by using our platform's real-time mock interviews. This enables users to build confidence and prepare for employment interviews.

  • Broad coverage:

    We cover a wide range of IT job classifications, including software developers, BAs, QAs, database administrators, network engineers, and more. This means that users will be able to locate queries and answers related to their field.

  • User-generated content:

    The majority of the questions in our question bank were provided by genuine users who were asked these questions during job interviews. This signifies that the questions are current and relevant to industry standards.

  • Convenient pricing options:

    To meet the demands of all users, we offer three different pricing levels. Depending on their demands and budget, users can select a 7-day, 30-day, or lifetime subscription.

  • Secure payment:

    Stripe, a secure and reputable payment gateway, processes all payments. This ensures that users' financial information is secure and secured.

  • Social login:

    Users can quickly log in using their social media accounts, making the login procedure quick and easy.

  • Free access to junior-level questions:

    Users have free access to a large number of junior-level questions. This enables customers to test the site before committing to a paying plan.

  • PDF download for lifetime users:

    Lifetime subscribers can download a PDF containing all of the questions and answers for a certain topic and interview which are completed by you and evaluations. This allows users to evaluate questions and answers offline in a convenient manner.

Thank you for selecting Interview Plus as your career preparation partner. We wish you all the best in your career search!

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